Sveriges vassaste utvecklare - 7 Snabba med Chris Sainty


Chris jobbar som Lead Developer åt ljudbokstjänsten Storytel där han ansvara för arkitektur och backend-utveckling. Han är besitter djupa kunskaper i Java och C# men tycker även om att ägna sig åt driftlösningar. Han är också en av de nominerade till årets bästa utvecklare 2017.

Vad har du för tips för att utvecklas och hålla sig i framkant som utvecklare?

Find a balance. Software development, as a career, is a long continuous process of learning and growing. If you push yourself too hard, you will burn out. It is impossible to stay on top of everything going on, accept that and instead just make sure you are always learning something. Over time, it accumulates in to a vast store of knowledge to help you find solutions more quickly.

Vilka personliga egenskaper anser du är viktiga för att kunna bli en bra utvecklare? 

The trait I see most commonly in good developers is simply the enjoyment of coding. Software development takes a lot of focus, practice, and experimentation. It takes a lot of time. If you enjoy the challenge, then you will stick with it during the hard moments.

Vad anser du är viktigt på en arbetsplats för att kunna utvecklas?

The perfect setup for a workplace is a difficult balance of flexibility, discipline, and trust. The tech team needs flexibility to grow and evolve their work. They also need to discipline to not abuse this, to actually deliver business value and not endlessly tinker in their own corner. Finally, the relationship between tech and the other business functions needs to be built on trust. Software is hard to estimate, and generally opaque. Without trust, the relationship can easily sour.

Vad ser du för trender inom tech inför 2018?

Speaking from my server-side perspective, I expect to see a continuing move to the cloud, containers, and specifically Kubernetes. Microsoft look to have stabilised their cross-platform push significantly over the last year, bringing a whole new group of developers closer to these technologies.

I also expect the ecosystem of tools around container clusters, such as service meshes, and distributed tracing to mature significantly. Keep an eye on the projects being picked up by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Har du några nya tekniker eller kodspråk på din bucketlist inför 2018? 

In 2018 I intend to take a closer look at both Go and F#. We have a very specific use case in mind for Go where the low footprint will be useful. As for F#, too many people have told me I need to look at it properly, so it’s about time I listened to them.

Vilka nyhets- eller utbildningssajter inom Tech följer du och kan rekommendera?

The email lists published by provide one of my best sources of news for the industry. Beyond those, general tech websites, Hacker News, and Twitter all contribute.

Har du några tips på verktyg och tjänster som du använder dagligen och som gör vardagen enklare?

Slack for team chat. Google Meet for meetings. Trello and Jira for task management. Delibr for team consensus. GitHub for code.