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Addressya brings addresses to the 4 billion who don't have any
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Did you know that 4 billion people around the world do not have an adequate address? Not having an address means you have trouble getting access to the services you need or to get deliveries to your home. Governments struggle to reach all their citizens and countless business opportunities are missed!

We are building a global digital addressing system. We also provide a business solution for organisations who rely on correct and exact addresses.

Addressya AB is a startup from Stockholm, Sweden, founded Aug 2017. We are backed by investors and launched in East Africa in May 2019.

Tech stack

  • Android SDK

  • Android Studio

  • Apigee

  • Firebase

  • Github

  • Google Cloud Functions

  • Instabug

  • JavaScript

  • Jest

  • Mocha

  • React Native

  • Redux

  • Typescript

  • Zenhub

Generella förmåner

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  • Centralt kontor

  • Delägarskap

  • Eget ansvar

  • Fast lön

  • Karriärmöjligheter

  • Utvecklingsmöjligheter

Övriga förmåner

  • Staff Options program for full time employees.

Typ av företag Start-up
Antal anställda 10-19 anställda
Orter Stockholm
Bransch E-handel Fordon & Transport Miljö & Utveckling

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