På BookBeat har vi som mål att ha marknadens bästa tjänst för att hitta och uppleva digitala böcker.
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What’s special about working on the devs team at BookBeat, you may ask? As a data driven company, the solution-oriented dev team takes a central and very crucial role at BookBeat. Unlike other companies, at BookBeat the dev team isn’t a separate division, they are integrated into all aspects of the business and ensure that we never get stuck on the starting block.

Members of this team focus both on front and back end development as well as data science. As with other teams at BookBeat, we encourage everyone on the dev team to be great at what they do and to find their own areas of expertise and interest. Using user insights, data and their own unique skill sets, the dev team works to create a product that makes great audiobooks accessible to all. Because of their hard work, BookBeat helps users find their next great read with just a few taps of their fingertips.

Point blank: without their skills, we wouldn’t have a functioning app.

They develop our app and make sure everything is running smoothly. As with all the teams at BookBeat, we aim to have the best talent in house, and the dev team fulfils that requirement with flying colors as they have come to BookBeat from all different companies and expertise areas.

As BookBeat’s largest team, they collect and prioritize user needs so that they are always developing a new and up to date version of the app. If you would indulge us, allow us to share a humble brag - since our launch in 2015, the dev team has released at least one app update every month. Are you our next developer? Be sure to let us know!

Tech stack

  • .NET

  • C#

  • Docker

  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • Kubernetes

  • Swift

  • Xcode

Generella förmåner

  • Avsatt tid för vidareutbildning

  • Balans mellan fritid och arbete

  • Centralt kontor

  • Eget ansvar

  • Erbjuder arbete inhouse

  • Extra föräldrapenning

  • Fast lön

  • Flexibla arbetstider

  • Förkortad arbetsvecka

  • Förtroendearbetstid

  • Frihet i arbetet

  • Friskvårdsbidrag

  • Hackathons

  • Jobba i mindre team

  • Kandidaten behöver inte resa i tjänsten

  • Karriärmöjligheter

  • Koddagar

  • Kollektivavtal

  • Konkurrenskraftig lön

  • Mer än 25 dagars semester

  • Möjlighet att jobba hemifrån

  • Ny teknik

  • Office first

  • Påverka arkitektur och teknikval

  • Stabil arbetssituation

  • Tillämpar parprogrammering

  • Tillgång till dusch

  • Tillgång till gym

  • Tjänstepension

  • Utökat stöd vid föräldraledighet

  • Utvecklingsmöjligheter

Övriga förmåner

  • Träna 1h per vecka på arbetstid

  • kollektivavtal

  • friskvårdsbidrag

  • 37

  • 9h arbetsvecka. 30 dagars semester.

Typ av företag Produktbolag
Antal anställda 100-499 anställda
Orter Stockholm
Bransch Media & Underhållning

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