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The founders of dibz.se struggled with the housing shortage in Sweden. Therefore, they took up the fight to make digital waitlists accessible to the people, starting with Swedish housing waitlists. The vision is to do the same for all markets with an imbalance between supply and demand, worldwide, independent of waitlists.

dibz launched the platform dibz.se in July 2021. The platform currently covers all housing waitlists in Sweden, from Kiruna to Ystad. Enabling our customers to maximise their opportunities for a firsthand rental contract by utilising cloud computing, robotic process automation (RPA), UX/UI, and an agile approach.

The journey has just begun, and we are now looking to expand the product into more areas that need digital infrastructure improvements. We will erase the information privileges that exists, helping people around the globe to make future proof decision. For example, it isn’t fair that a child’s possibility to play guitar is based on the child’s parents’ knowledge of a hidden waitlist that the child needs be in from the date of birth.

We are driving change. There are better ways to distribute services and goods more efficient and fairer. dibz.se will be the go-to platform for goods and services with matching market characteristics where price simply can’t clear the market. dibz will serve both B2B and B2C, making the future brighter step by step.

Tech stack

  • Amazon Api Gateway

  • Amazon Cloudfront

  • Amazon Dynamodb

  • Amazon Rds For Aurora

  • Amazon S3

  • AWS

  • Aws Amplify

  • Aws Cloudformation

  • Aws Codebuild

  • Aws Fargate

  • Aws Lambda

  • Confluence

  • Docker

  • Gatsby

  • Git

  • JavaScript

  • JIRA

  • Kafka

  • Next.Js

  • Python

  • Typescript

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  • Beneficial QESO-program and part of SSE Business Lab

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