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Hyph is a social media platform where anyone can make, share, and use original music however they like

At HYPH, we're building a new community for everyone.
Creating content should be easy and fun, not something that feels like a chore. After all, the whole point of content creation is to share your unique perspective with the world.

The team here at HYPH builds tools and resources to help you get started, so there's no excuse not to give it a try. Who knows, you might just find that you enjoy it.

Modular Music Creation

HYPH technology allows single instrument recordings to be combined with each other. The user only needs to give simple inputs and our system serves up recordings that are a sonic match.

Immersive Video Experiences
Our team is always pushing the boundaries in video creation. By using filters and AR/VR technology, it gives you a more realistic and interactive way to enjoy your favorite videos. We understand that creators look for new ways to engage their audiences and we're here to help.

Transparent Creative Commerce
Look, we have over 75 collective years of experience in the commercial music industry, we know…it’s not the most creator-friendly place. HYPH is different. We offer transparency and accountability in every step of the monetization process.

Social platform focused around music creation for everyone.

Tech stack

  • AWS

  • C++

  • Flutter

  • JavaScript

  • PostgreSQL

  • Python

  • Typescript

Generella förmåner

  • Arbetsplatsen är ej placerad i kontorslandskap

  • Avsatt tid för vidareutbildning

  • Balans mellan fritid och arbete

  • Centralt kontor

  • Eget ansvar

  • Erbjuder arbete inhouse

  • Fast lön

  • Flexibla arbetstider

  • Förtroendearbetstid

  • Frihet i arbetet

  • Friskvårdsbidrag

  • Husdjur är tillåtet

  • Jobba i mindre team

  • Kandidaten behöver inte resa i tjänsten

  • Kandidaten får välja egen utrustning

  • Karriärmöjligheter

  • Koddagar

  • Konkurrenskraftig lön

  • Mer än 25 dagars semester

  • Möjlighet att jobba hemifrån

  • Möjlighet till att jobba utomlands

  • Ny teknik

  • Påverka arkitektur och teknikval

  • Remote first

  • Stabil arbetssituation

  • Tillämpar parprogrammering

  • Tjänstepension

  • Utvecklingsmöjligheter

Typ av företag Produktbolag
Antal anställda 10-19 anställda
Orter Stockholm
Bransch Musik

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