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Since 1983 Prognos has supported purchasing organisations, enabling better negotiations and fact based decision making

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Prognos was founded in 1983 by Ulf Kolheden who’s passion for data and analytics shaped the heart of the company. Ulf was a master in finding data that was invaluable for manufacturing companies to use in their price negotiations. In 2002 Jacob Mannheimer joined the flagship with 30 years of experience within purchasing. Jacob came with the vision of creating a tailormade cost service that could balance the unfair knowledge position suppliers had over strategic buyers. Prognos unique offer attracted both investors and international customers. In 2018 the company was acquired by the current owners which was the starting point for a new development phase for Prognos. Despite being a company that has existed since 1983 we can be seen as a start-up that has started to develop new digitalized offerings to our customers in order to deliver more value and secure our future growth. To accomplish this we need to expand our comapany with creative and talented frontend developers.

Today Prognos is able to provide customized reports to +50 customers acting both on the local and global market.

Tech stack

  • AWS

  • Circleci

  • Firebase

  • Git

  • Java

  • PostgreSQL

  • React.js

  • Spring-Boot

  • Terraform

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