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Are you looking for a new gig? Tingent is an agency for freelancers within tech

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We’re built on the idea that people work best when they’re passionate about their work

Tingent is a rapidly growing agency devoted to matching the world’s best talent with leading edge tech companies for growth and development. The right person for the right assignment. Every time. No rolodex required. Tingent partners with Klarna, Spotify, Dice, Tink and Tobii, among others.

We humans are dynamic, evolving, curious creatures and our careers should reflect that. Signing restrictive contracts or anchoring ourselves to one company for years on end shouldn’t be the norm. By refocusing the search for great work around the truth of what companies and consultants are passionate about – not just CVs, cover letters and references – the norms can change and a new freedom of opportunity can flourish on both sides of the job hunt.

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Tech stack

  • .NET

  • Android Studio

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • Go

  • Haskell

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • Kotlin

  • Kubernetes

  • PHP

  • React Native

  • Ruby

  • Scala

  • Swift

Antal anställda 20-49 anställda
Bransch AI & ML Analys & Data E-handel Finans & Försäkring Fordon & Transport Gambling Hårdvara Industri & Produktion Internet of Things Livsmedel Marknadsföring & PR Media & Underhållning Musik Säkerhet Spel & E-sport Sport Telecom Vård & Hälsa Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Webb