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## The Product

At Truid, we’re working to redefine how people and businesses manage identity. Our vision is to allow people to reclaim control of their digital identity, and let businesses outsource identification and focus on their core. We think this is a win-win for both people and businesses and that it will pave the way for a more trusting digital future.

As a user, you upload and verify your identity and any relevant information about yourself into your own encrypted vault via the Truid app. You then share this information with any counterpart running Truid for any and all identification and authentication use cases (e.g. onboarding or logging on to a service, signing an agreement, verifying a transaction etc). Truid ensures that you’re always in control of your digital identity and that your integrity is always protected.

With Truid, businesses can fully outsource identification and authentication while ensuring that they always have the customer data they need to run their business. This makes it possible to drastically reduce admin, get all data compliance out-of-the-box and realize significantly better economics. Businesses using Truid don’t have to think about the risks of managing digital identities, while reaping all the benefits of running a data-driven business.

## The People

Truid consists of a strong cross functional team of 6-7 employees. Our aim is to expand this team with only star players, meaning either truly senior engineers or rising stars with the ambition to become the best.

We work scrum’ish with tight collaboration either at the office in central Stockholm or over Slack. We believe remote work is a great thing, but we encourage everyone to spend 2-3 days a week in the office.

We know what we are doing and where we are heading, meaning you will notice structure and well grounded long-term decision making. We apply test driven development, zero bug policy, immutable infrastructure, and a high degree of automation.

During the foreseeable future there will be a heavy focus on product development, product rollout to customers and supporting existing customers and users. We work hard, we have fun and we care about each other.

Tech stack

  • Appium

  • Docker

  • Github

  • Kotlin

  • PostgreSQL

  • React Native

  • Spring-Boot

  • Terraform

  • Typescript

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