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Yepstr brings back the “neighbourhood kid” by connecting households and teenagers for routine tasks

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Yepstr brings back the neighborhood kid by connecting households and young entrepreneurs (yeps) for simple household-tasks. Through an educational marketplace we will reduce youth unemployment and create the next generation of entrepreneurs. Our app can be downloaded from google play and app store (ask us for an invite code) but it is far from complete!

Our entire platform is written in javascript (ES6) and the front-end uses React and Cordova to make the magic happen. It is quite functionally complete but needs to come alive and become beautiful & engaging!

That is why we are currently looking for a new dev-team member: a front-end developer with a love for design who wants to be part of laying Yepstr's foundations.

You would be a part of a diverse team from many different backgrounds such as Mogul, Netlight, Cirql, McKinsey and Whispr. We make sure really work together and learn from each other - you will have an opportunity to learn & teach about everything from marketing, design, running a startup and writing beautiful code. We also make sure to have fun together with parties, team lunches and the occasional retreat (we recently went to Luleå to go horseback riding).

At yepstr we look for four core values in our team-members:

* Humble - we are doing something no-one has done before, so all opinions could be right. We don't have room for divas.
* Entrepreneurial - Hey... we're a startup! Be creative, do things differently, take risks (if safety and routine is your thing then we're probably not for you)
* Owners - everyone in the team owns a part of yepstr and are therefore expected to act like it.You shouldn't need someone watching over your shoulder to be motivated
* Closers - people who enjoy feeling the wind in their hair and getting shit done

Oh, and we have some pretty solid backing too! Our investors include one of Sweden's 10 wealthiest, one of the founders of Blackrock and one of the first people at Spotify.

Watch our intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EtlUOMbdPk or visit our website www.yepstr.com

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