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  • Appar (Mer än 1 år erfarenhet)
  • Back-end (Mer än 2 år erfarenhet)
  • Databas (Mer än 2 år erfarenhet)
  • Full-stack
  • Javascript (Mer än 2 år erfarenhet)
  • Node.js (Mer än 1 år erfarenhet)

Om rollen

We are looking to expand our small team with a Backend Developer who will focus on our GraphQL based API with all what that entails. We also use Vue.js in the frontend and React Native for our native app so if that is of interest there will definitely be possibilities there as well.

We are a small team working remotely but all live in Gothenburg bringing the digital world to Discgolf through our product Tjing. We are in the process of acquiring funding for the next step and making Tjing the global standard. If this is of interest we are open for several types of cooperation short and long term and would love to hear from you!

Om Kidpilot AB

Typ av företag Start-up Produktbolag
Antal anställda 0-9 anställda
Bransch Sport Webb

We create tools for mac, web and mobile that help you focus on what you do best and generally make your life easier.

Tech stack

  • AWS

  • Graphql

  • Node.js

  • PostgreSQL

  • Redis

  • Typescript

  • Vue.js

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