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Hektar - Stockholm

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Om rollen

Hektar is a hunting marketplace with the vision to become the leading global social network for hunters. Our MVP went live in October and was fully launched beginning of February. We have 1000+ users and 50+ hunting grounds throughout Sweden and are growing fast.

Around the marketplace we are building a social platform for hunters to connect with each other and find hunts together, which we will launch as an app. After this we want to broaden the marketplace to include more services than pure hunts.

We are currently 3 working with the project, with several advisors supporting us. In our network we have senior developers who, should you want to, can assist you in strategizing and planning the code. Our goal is to have grown the tech team to 3 developers by Q2 2024.

Our promise to you are devoted co-workers and a fun work place. We are ambitious and driven and truly believe that we are building something great. We want you to feel this too, and thus we naturally offer the chance to have ownership in the company. Not to mention possibility to learn and take part in some great hunts!

This position requires that you are based in or around Stockholm.

We are looking for an experienced developer to take on a lead role in the future development of the platform. We have several consultants at your disposal to assist you in your work. The primary focus of the consultants will be front end and app development, so while you need to be able to manage the team it is more important that you know your back end.

The work will be agile, working iteratively based on user feedback. While you won't necessarily need to (unless you want to) have contact with our users, you need to be able to envision and create solutions based on user reported problems.

You need to be an experienced back end developer. We are less interested in hearing what tech stacks you previously have worked in (our current solution is writtin in PETAL), and more interested to see what projects you've previously worked on. Especially projects where you've been a major part in the final stages, bringing them over the finish line rather than the starting line.

Om Hektar

Typ av företag Produktbolag
Antal anställda 0-9 anställda
Bransch Försäljning Miljö & Utveckling Webb

One solution all things hunting

A hunting community connecting all different parties, from hunters and landowners to dog handlers and educators. Allows for the organization of hunts. Built around a marketplace where landowners publish ads for hunts and reviews are made of both hunters and landowners respectively (AirBnB-esque). Vision to make hunting more accessible and to be a one-stop-solution for beginners to advance to an experienced hunter.

Marketplace MVP is live through external developers in the PETAL stack which we aim to continue building upon as we are pleased with the performance.

Also have a physical product of helping landowners optimize hunting on their grounds in a sustainable way.

Tech stack

  • Elixir

  • Node.js

  • Phoenix Framework

  • Tailwind Css

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