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Are you passionate about Machine Learning? Do you know your way around data?

At AFRY we are looking for an experienced Data Engineer that loves to grow and innovate tomorrows solutions to strengthen our capabilities in Machine Learning.
You’ll be part of a small team where the full lifecycle of the Machine Learning integration is considered, from data analysis to deployment and scaling. The team will deliver end-to-end solutions and help out at certain steps along the development. This means that all tasks ranging from data collection, analysis, cleaning, and pre-processing, to training models and deploying, to production will be worked upon.

As a Data Engineer you focus on:

Understanding business objectives and developing models that help us achieve them, along with metrics to track their progress
Finding, suggesting and implementing the best ML algorithm based on the project goals
Exploring and visualizing data to gain an understanding of it, then identifying differences in data distribution that could affect performance when deploying the model in the real world
Verifying data quality, and/or ensuring it via data cleaning
Defining the preprocessing or feature engineering to be done on a given dataset
Defining data augmentation pipelines
Analyzing the errors of the model and designing strategies to overcome them
Deploying models to production

We value your personality and mindset, as well as previous work experience. We see that you have documented knowledge in Data Engineering through work & education. We are looking for someone with a permanent residency in Sweden, preferably near Malmö as the work is on-site in Malmö.


Typ av företag Konsultbolag
Antal anställda Över 1000 anställda
Bransch AI & Machine learning Analys & Big data Blockchain E-handel Finans & Försäkring Fordon & Transport Hårdvara Industri & Produktion Internet of Things Life science Livsmedel Media & Underhållning Miljö & Utveckling Säkerhet Vård & Hälsa Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Webb

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AFRY is an international engineering, design and advisory company. We support our clients to progress in sustainability and digitalisation.

We are 17,000 devoted experts within the fields of infrastructure, industry and energy, operating across the world to create sustainable solutions for future generations.

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Tech stack

  • .NET

  • Akka

  • Angular

  • AWS

  • Azure

  • C#

  • Django

  • Git

  • Hadoop

  • Hibernate

  • HTML5

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • Jenkins

  • JIRA

  • Kafka

  • Kotlin

  • Kubernetes

  • Linux

  • Node.js

  • Play

  • Python

  • React.js

  • Scala

  • Selenium

  • Spark

  • Spring

  • Swift

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