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  • Front-end (Mer än 5 år erfarenhet)
  • Javascript (Mer än 5 år erfarenhet)

Om rollen

Hemnet has 65 million monthly visits. People come to Hemnet to find joy, inspiration and – most important - their new homes. As a Developer at Hemnet you will face fun challenges when developing ideas for products affecting people's lives in a positive way.

As a Frontend Developer in team Seller’s Experience you will contribute to all stages in the product life cycle: design, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance. You and your team implement the solutions the team have designed and deploy them to production several times a day. Together with the team, you will have the ability to have a big impact on what we build and how we build it. You’ll be involved in product development discussions and make use of and contribute to Hemnet’s design system.

Team Seller’s Experience

Our team consists of five Product Developers, one UX Designer, one Product Manager, and one Development Manager working closely together to continuously deliver smart and valuable solutions to the users selling properties on Hemnet. The team mission is to provide the property seller with insights, services, and products to get the most out of their selling experience to enable a successful property sale.

Some examples of what we do:

-Property seller products
-Product upselling and cross-selling
-Price calculations
-Data and information service for property sellers.

Background & Skills

You are a seasoned developer with skills in dynamically typed languages who have been working with development for at least five years. You're comfortable leading yourself and are not afraid to take the first step.

You have a strong interest when it comes to system development, building short and long term solutions in close collaboration with other developers. We are looking for you who has frontend development as your main expertise, but also think it sounds fun to help out on the backend from time to time (no problem if you don’t have any backend development experience - frontend will be your focus and at Hemnet you can learn as you go).

Your home base is:

-JavaScript (React/Vue/Angular. We use React.js)

Bonus points:

We’ve created our own design system and component library (which you can read more about in this blog post). So an interest or previous experience working with design systems or component libraries is definitely beneficial. And of course, if you have any experience from other parts of our current tech stack, that would be a plus:

-Testing library (We use Jest)
-Ruby & Rails (or similar OOP languages and framework i.e. Python/Django, PHP/Laravel)

You’ll love working here if:

-You like testing new approaches with the team and enjoy working close to customers
-You like product development and want to understand how the things you and the team decide to implement impact the experience for the end user.
-You understand the value of quick releases of features to increase learning and iteration
-You enjoy having discussions around our insight of what our customers need to enjoy working with us
-You’re a firm believer in writing robust tests.

A hybrid model:

All employees at Hemnet will have the possibility to work from the office in the central part of Stockholm. We will also have the opportunity to work the majority of the time from home (but not 100% remotely). Currently, the team is having one team day per week when we aim to physically get together.

Om Hemnet

Typ av företag Produktbolag
Antal anställda 50-99 anställda
Bransch Webb

Vi bygger nyckeln till en enklare bostadsaffär!

As Sweden's largest housing portal - and one of the most used digital products in Sweden - millions of users enjoy what we build every week. Although we have been around for twenty years, and engaged so many people already, we are as playful and fast-moving as a startup.

At Hemnet, you'll part of creating the future of how people sell and buy their homes. Experimenting, evaluating and building will part of your day. Our large amount of users gives us data driven guidance in a short time. What we build in the morning is often out in production for our users already after lunch.

The development department is the biggest team at Hemnet with around 60 people. We are six small, cross-functional teams, all working in an agile and self-propelled way, playing a big part of the full product development cycle.

We are building products for people looking to buy a new home, people looking to sell a property, property brokers, and our b2b partners. We also develop a powerful, approachable and stable application platform enabling the development teams to release and maintain their products. This means that we develop a variety of different technical solutions, products and tools at Hemnet, to mention a few: Tools to to discover locations, for recommended listings and for notifications, API:s, payment solutions, search tools, integrations, tools to provide data and for price calculation, back office systems, and tools for CI/CD, release pipeline and monitoring.

Tech stack

  • AWS

  • Docker

  • ElasticSearch

  • Graphql

  • JavaScript

  • Next.Js

  • Node.js

  • PostgreSQL

  • Python

  • React.js

  • Redis

  • Ruby

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