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  • Back-end (Mer än 4 år erfarenhet)
  • Full-stack (Mer än 4 år erfarenhet)
  • Javascript (Mer än 4 år erfarenhet)
  • Node.js (Mer än 4 år erfarenhet)

Om rollen

The role

We are looking for a Full Stack Engineer who wants to build kick-ass client-facing applications that are used to optimize advertising across the globe. If your friends thought you were overly excited when Facebook released GraphQL, you’re probably the right person for this job. And we’re no fortune tellers, but you probably also prefer Postgres over MySQL (in case you don’t, maybe you can change our minds).

Your work here will define our streaming technology as the new standard for delivering videos and images on the web – faster, using less data, and in higher quality.

To feel comfortable in this role, you have most likely been working with full-stack/backend development for the last four years and feel it’s time to take the next step in your career and join a fast growing Swedish tech scale up.

Since we always end up talking about “the stack”, we might as well cover it. Most often it’s set up in JavaScript, Node.js, Vue.js, Postgres and GraphQL - but it can vary between projects. It’s not required that you know all of them. What’s most important is that you you’re eager to learn and have fun together with your teammates while doing it!

Our people

In our team we have 24/7 coders, amateur chefs & DJs, adrenaline seekers and wake boarders. What unites us is our interest for video compression, our sense of humour and of course our favorite tv show “Silicon Valley”.

We appreciate a fast-forward mindset, but we always want to balance quality and a quick delivery. SeenThis is in a scale-up phase and we have ambitious goals, but we also value flexibility (for example the possibility of picking up the kids in time, having time to do that much needed workout and some spare time for creativity).

Our tech team works closely with both product owners and the sales department, which creates a sense of togetherness and working towards a common goal. We have daily stand ups and agile tools that help us structure our priorities and our way of working.

We are growing and have probably a lot to learn in our journey forward! But our philosophy is “as long as we hire the right people, have a development mindset and add a bit of humour - we’ve come a long way”!

Our products:
Did you know that we have delivered over 15,000,000,000 streams to our clients around the globe?

Our core technology is based on two things: Optimization and Streaming. We have figured out how to deliver content, e.g pictures and videos, more efficiently: with shorter load times, less data usage and in higher quality.

Today, our technology is first and foremost used for digital advertising, but we’ve just launched products for online retailers where load speed and quality of video and images on e-com sites are of equally high importance for great conversion rates.

As we grow we have defined four focus areas for our Engineers:

1. Core streaming technology, 2. the Ads Optimizer product, 3. the Website Optimizer product and 4. our very own SeenThis website.

Our products create interesting challenges for our Engineers, for example:

- How can we reduce the bandwidth required without compromising visual quality?
- How can we build infrastructure that is inherently scalable?
- How do we handle massive requests / second and pipe that data into client dashboards in real time?

Om SeenThis

Typ av företag Start-up Produktbolag
Antal anställda 50-99 anställda
Bransch E-handel Marknadsföring & PR Media & Underhållning Miljö & Utveckling Webb

Accelerating e-commerce and advertising through streaming

Speed is load time, load time is customer satisfaction, and time is money. Through our streaming technology, we’re speeding up and evolving the digital media landscape to set a new standard for content delivery on the Internet. In our view, no one should ever have to make the choice between higher quality or less load time. Today, our technology is primarily used for digital advertising, but there are many other places on the Internet where more effective data transfers are of equally high importance. Our technology minimizes the amount of unnecessary data downloaded by end users, which leads to shorter load times and an overall enhanced user experience. As an added bonus, it also reduces the climate impact of digital content.

We are 100+ employees working across the globe at our offices in Stockholm, Oslo, London, Singapore, Paris, New York and Sydney. We’re growing at a rapid pace, across all business areas, and constantly looking for new colleagues to join our team. Although we’ve come a long way, our journey has just begun. We create amazing products and have a lot of fun while doing it!

Tech stack

  • AWS

  • Docker

  • Graphql

  • JavaScript

  • Node.js

  • PostgreSQL

  • React.js

  • Serverless

  • Svelte

  • Varnish

  • Vue.js

  • Webpack

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