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  • Back-end (Mer än 2 år erfarenhet)
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  • Python (Mer än 2 år erfarenhet)

Om rollen

Welcome! This is Billogram and we’re into digital invoicing. Why? Because traditional invoicing is lame. It’s basically anxiety on a paper, filled with apprehension (did I pay my invoices? Did our customer get their invoice?) and when done wrong it can waste so much time and energy. Time and energy that both sender and recipient could spend doing something else.

It’s not the easiest thing to solve – we want both sender and recipient to have the best experience possible but since their interests don’t always align it’s up to us to come up with smart solutions to satisfy both parties. And to do that we need you to join our team of integration developers.

As a Senior Integration Developer, you will work closely with the Customer Delivery Manager and take our customers (the invoice senders) through the onboarding process; getting the customer from sign to live as efficiently as possible. This is where we match their processes and current information architecture to our service to ensure the best and most seamless fit within the customer’s workflow.

This means that you need to be able to understand and contextualize the customer’s workflow, comprehend how we can provide the most value through our product and integration. It means being creative, communicative, and empathic as well as being a good programmer. As a Senior Integration Developer, we’d like you to be familiar with the entire stack from database to frontend but you’re most comfortable with backend. You have +5 years of professional experience in software development, and hopefully, you might have come across some of the techniques that we are using in the past. A few examples of our tech stack includes:

• Python

• React.js

• DynamoDB



We’d like you to contribute to our technical and product development process by taking our integration solution to new heights. We also believe that you thrive in an environment where you can use your technical knowledge to help your teammates to grow through discussions and mentorship.

Billogram is currently a team close to 150, but aiming for quite some growth during the rest of this year and onwards. That means you’ll be joining at a time of change and your perspective will help shape what that change results in. You’ll join a team of truly dedicated and helpful co-workers at a super cozy office as central as you get in Stockholm. There will be lots of challenges and lots of laughs.

Billogram is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified individuals will receive consideration for employment regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, disability, sexual orientation or age.

Om Billogram

Typ av företag Start-up Produktbolag
Antal anställda 50-99 anställda
Bransch Finans & Försäkring

Easy Payments. Quality Engagement.

Billogram was born from a desire to renew the outdated billing process and replace traditional PDF and paper invoices with something digital and interactive. Today, we offer our clients a digital platform for billing and payments, which streamlines customer management while improving the customer experience. Using smart technology, we help companies automate processes leading to lower costs, increased revenue and reduced churn. The result is a payment that pays off for both customers and suppliers.

Tech stack

  • AWS

  • Docker

  • Graphql

  • Kubernetes

  • Lambda

  • Metabase

  • Microservices

  • MySQL

  • NoSQL

  • Presto

  • Python

  • React.js

  • Spark

  • Typescript

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