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Om rollen

Curity, we´re looking for Java Software Engineer

We are looking for a core developer with 5-10 years of work experience of development in production class code projects. You enjoy working in a team and have worked on agile development projects before. You are self-sufficient, creative and not afraid to learn new technologies.

What is it like working at Curity?
As a pure-play software vendor whose flagship product is written in Java, this position is very important to the company. Because of that, the demands are high, and excellence is always expected. With a bar this high, we can assure you that you will grow. Good ideas are the boss of Curity, so, if they are yours, you will lead — even as the newbie.

Deadlines are a fact of life, but more important than arbitrary points in time is quality. When building security software, the product must be solid, tested, and safe. For this reason, we work with “trains”. The train leaves the station every six weeks, and we release at that time. If a feature is ready, it’s merged to the main development branch and will ship on the next train. If it’s not ready, the work continues on an integration branch till it is. This working model allows us to provide consistent deliveries without sacrificing quality.

All features are verified by automated tests; manual tests are bugs in our view. We have 10’s of thousands of tests that run with each commit to dev, and 10’s of thousands more that run nightly and weekly. This helps to ensure that things don’t break. We use Behavior Driven Testing (BDD) primarily, and most are written using the Spock framework in Groovy. (If you don’t know Groovy, you will by the end of week two.).

Even after all this, bugs do slip through. Because of that, you will have to take your turn on support. We provide 24/7 support to our customers, so you will carry a dedicated phone when it’s your turn. Don’t worry though, it has only rung once in 5 years, so it’s usually pretty easy ;-)

If, after reading all of this, Curity sounds like a fun place to work, please let us know!

As you apply, the things we’ll be looking for include:
Understanding of Java and Kotlin
Gradle know-how
Deep understanding of Linux and the ability to use Mac as your only workstation
Deep object-oriented design and programming abilities
Basic to advanced understanding of OAuth 2, OpenID Connect, SCIM, PKI, and crypto
Good understanding of non-IAM aspects of information security
Some familiarity with mobile application development
Good understanding of REST and Web APIs
Excellent English communication skills, both spoken and written.

Welcome to join us on our journey!

Om Curity

Typ av företag Start-up Produktbolag
Antal anställda 20-49 anställda
Bransch AI & Machine learning Säkerhet

Search Results Web results OAuth and OpenID Connect Done Better | Curity Identity Server

Curity Identity Server is the world's most powerful OAuth and OpenID Connect Server; it is used for logging in and securing millions of users' access to web and mobile apps over APIs and microservices. Curity is built upon open standards and designed for development and operations. We enjoy the trust of large organizations in financial services, telecom, retail, energy and government services with operations across many countries which have chosen Curity for their enterprise-grade API security needs.

KuppingerCole's Leadership Compass for December 2019 provides an overview of the market for API management and security solutions along with recommendations and guidance for finding the products which address your requirements in the most efficient way. We examine the complexity and breadth of the challenges to discover, monitor and secure all APIs within your enterprise and identify the vendors, their products, services and innovative approaches towards implementing consistent governance and security along the whole API lifecycle.

In this report, Curity is determined to be a leading vendor in the Product and Innovation categories.

Download to read the complete report:

Tech stack

  • Bitbucket

  • Docker

  • Gradle

  • Java

  • Jenkins

  • JIRA

  • Kotlin

  • Kubernetes

  • Linux

  • Python

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