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Arizon - Stockholm

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  • Back-end (Mer än 3 år erfarenhet)
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  • Swift
  • Data science (Mer än 2 år erfarenhet)

Om rollen

Arizon, in connection with Stockholms biggest startup incubator, has a unique IT consultancy network and offers many interesting solutions for both consultants and clients.

For our clients, we offer a qualitative process to find the right consultant for the assignment. Compared to other actors, we work proactively and choose in advance those we believe in and want to work with. In this way we can offer a highly qualified and unique network of talents who could otherwise be difficult to access.

But that's not all!

Through our unique collaboration with Stockholm's most active business incubator, all of our consultants has the opportunity to invest and engage in some of Sweden's most exciting startups.
We are today +25 entrepreneurs, investors and employed developers working together with some really cool stuff. Check out our lastest announcement Springville.se as an example!

The final result is a network of highly skilled IT specialists, investors and entrepreneurs working together and sharing experiences from some of Sweden's most interesting companies and startups.

Are you a company in need of great IT-competence or are you developer looking for your next dream job?

Reach out to us asap and let us show you what we have to offer! Trust us when we say, we do some really cool stuff..

Om Arizon

Typ av företag Produktbolag Produktbolag Konsultbolag Byrå
Antal anställda 10-19 anställda
Bransch Detaljhandel E-handel Finans & Försäkring Gambling HR Internet of Things Marknadsföring & PR Media & Underhållning Spel & E-sport Telecom Vård & Hälsa Webb

Consulting & Startup Factory

Have you worked with development for a couple of years and are now thinking about the next step? Do you have a desire to code for some of Stockholm's hottest tech companies, test developing your own business ideas and get the opportunity to further develop your technical skillset together with some of Stockholm's sharpest developers?

Arizon is part of a group of companies where we have everything in digital marketing, recruitment, app-development and IT-consulting. Together with some of the greatest creative minds we have become a very active startup incubator where we continuously develop new ideas and launch new companies parallel to our consulting assignments. Springville.se is as an example one of our latest finch startups which we have started together with the former CEO of Avanza Pension. Check it out!

What we do:

Today we work as IT-consultants where we develop really cool stuff for some of Stockholm's largest corporations to smallest startups. Our partners and consultants are some of Stockholms leading technical experts and are often booked as speakers at different tech events. They are also some of the nicest developers you’ll ever meet.
Parallell to our engagements we invest our profits and spare time to develop and launch new companies together with our investment group. We call the kind of unique concept for Venture Consulting.

We need more talented developers

In addition to your consulting assignment at one of Stockholm's most attractive companies, we offer the opportunity to test your own business ideas together with our incubator. For the right person, this means not only a profitable full-time job as a consultant, it also means that you have a chance to become an entrepreneur yourself and take equity in one of our startups one day.

Does this sound like it would be something that would interest you? Then we definitely think you should come meet with us at our office for a coffee!

To fit in our team, we look forward to you:

Is flexible and likes to solve problems
Is a humble person but confident in your technical skillset
Ongoing is motivated by deepening your knowledge
Enjoys sharing knowledge with colleagues and customers
Has an entrepreneurial mindset and like to develop new ideas

Salary and benefits

Competitive salary + opportunity to earn stock options in upcoming startups
Excellent benefits (health insurance, health insurance, pension scheme, etc.)
Work-life balance
A friendly, generous and helpful work environment
Personal development through courses, events, etc.

We are sitting on extremely nice premises in the middle of Stockholm at United Spaces.

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