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Lime Technologies AB - Lund
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  • Back-end (Mer än 7 år erfarenhet)
  • C# (Mer än 7 år erfarenhet)

Om rollen

Lead Developer SaaS Software
Lime Go is our intelligent sales automation tool that utilizes prediction technology and integrated 3rd party data. It helps our end users find and communicate with their future customers more easily.

We are a small autonomous development team. We are proud of our product and the value it provides to our end users. We host our cloud solution on AWS. The backend is primarily developed in .NET core. We work in an agile environment with a focus on quality. We use GitHub for version control/peer reviews, Jenkins for CI/CD and Ruby/Rake for general tooling.

What you will do
In this position, you get a chance to:

Develop our Product

Understand our customers. Listen and adjust to customer feedback. User feedback is a big priority and affects almost every decision we make in some way or another.

Work tightly with product management, UX experts, and the rest of our company.

Develop our Technology

Work with the team to discuss, write, test, and improve our code, our future architecture, and our hosting environment.

Our next architectural challenge is to migrate our frontend code to a more modern framework.

Develop our Team

Lead, plan, and execute on team activities in an Agile environment.

Coach and mentor team members and make sure the team works in the right direction.

Skills and requirements
To be able to do the job well, we believe you:

Are a senior developer, with experience from a product company.
Enjoy understanding and delivering on the true customer needs.
Have expertise in key parts of our architecture – like cloud hosting, .NET core or modern frontend web frameworks.
Have experience leading developer colleagues, small teams, or projects.
Enjoy working in an agile environment, and love to continuously improve.
Speak and write Swedish fluently.

About the team
On Wednesdays the team goes out for lunch excursions. Where do they go? What do they do? What do they eat? Nobody outside the team knows… One defined interest they have in common (except for food) is two-wheeled modes of transportation. They operate on the basis of each and everyone’s scary skills and genius, and the value of the individual contribution to the group cause.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you. We’re more than happy if you link to your GitHub- or Stack Overflow-profile.

This position is based at our head office in Lund. It is commuter friendly by public transportation, car, and bike. We promote wellness, and as the offices are located in Sankt Lars Park we have lunchtime workouts and walk-and-talk-meetings.

Want to hear more or maybe you have some questions? Contact Eva by mail eva.boynton@lime.tech or phone 072-080 31 91.

Om Lime Technologies AB

Typ av företag Start-up Produktbolag Övrigt företag
Antal anställda 100-499 anställda
Bransch Enterprise infrastructure & Application Webb

Marknadsledande CRM-system, skapade i Norden. Med kärlek.

Med mer än 250 anställda är vi en av Nordens största CRM-leverantörer och utnämnda till marknadsledande i Sverige. Vi har hjälpt mer än 6000 företag i hela Norden i över 25 år att nå bättre resultat med användarvänliga CRM-lösningar. Tänk på oss som en one stop shop för CRM då vi utvecklar, säljer, inför och supportar allting själva. Oroa dig inte, trots allt detta tar vi inte oss själva på för stort allvar.

Lime bygger mjukvaruprodukter som hjälper tusentals företag att göra ett unikt intryck på sina kunder, varje dag. Intryck som stärker kundrelationen, bygger förtroende och i slutändan ger bra kundupplevelser, om och om igen.

Vi har idag utvecklingsgrupper i Lund, Göteborg, och Stockholm. Varje grupp har en tydlig kundgrupp, produkt och teknisk stack. Varje grupp är självgående och oberoende.

Hos oss kommer du att få jobba med underbara kollegor med mycket kundfokus och teknikkärlek. Du kommer att gilla det. Välkommen till Lime!

Tech stack

  • .NET

  • AWS

  • Docker

  • Git

  • Github

  • JavaScript

  • Kubernetes

  • Python

  • React.js

  • Typescript

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