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Om rollen

Job description

We are searching for engineers within Mechatronics. As a Mechatronics Engineer at Sigma Industry, you will supply your R&D services to a variety of industries such as Energy, Automotive, Defense, Process Manufacturing, MedTech and others. Our mechatronic engineers main know-how stretches between product and system development, focusing on mechanics, electronics, control theory and software.

Basic qualifications

Level of responsibility:

- You have been working independently in engineering projects with some assistance from senior engineers.
- You are used to document your results; write technical reports and present conclusions to your engineering colleagues.

Level of experience:

- Competent within high-level programming
- Advanced beginner within ML methodologies and programming
- Advanced beginner within system modelling

- Swedish and English (spoken and written)

Preferred additional skills, personal traits, experience:

You recognize yourself as an independent and enthusiastic individual with an academic degree level of B.Sc. or higher. You see yourself as a responsible individual with a high social competence who is a true team player. You have an eye for details, as well as the ability to zoom out to see the bigger picture when needed.

Besides this, you have a solid theoretical background and a great understanding of the leading technologies involved in your field of interest. It is also of great importance for you to create an added value in all your deliveries each day.

Additional skills and experience:

- Your work experience is preferred to be within the following of industries: Consultancy Services/Research and development.
- Your work experience: >5 years

We offer

Here are some reasons why you should apply to our open position:

- You are elicited by the idea of ??helping different companies that need your expertise
- You think it sounds fun with varying tasks
- You can work independently, but appreciate the feeling of being a part of something bigger
- You want secure employment conditions and good pension provisions
- You want to feel confident that your managers are always on hand when you need them
- You want to be challenged and developed
- You want to feel respected, appreciated and included in your workplace
- You want the opportunity for a career plan and individual goals
- You want communication with managers/colleagues to be fast, clear and open
- You think that your employer should contribute to a better society and a better environment
- You think that education, courses, team building and conferences are important

Apply today if you are intrigued to know more.

Om Sigma Industry

Typ av företag Konsultbolag
Antal anställda 100-499 anställda
Bransch AI & Machine learning Analys & Big data Fastigheter & Konstruktion Fordon & Transport Hårdvara Industri & Produktion Internet of Things Life science Livsmedel Miljö & Utveckling Säkerhet Telecom Välgörenhet

Expect a better tomorrow

Advanced engineering services for the industry.

Sigma Industry deliver expertise within product development, project management & management, mechatronics, embedded systems, and technical calculations - advanced engineering services in the classic engineering disciplines, from industrial design to manufacturing and implementation of projects.

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