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PIXILAB Technologies AB - Linköping

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Om PIXILAB Technologies AB

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Bransch Internet of Things Media & Underhållning Webb

Display, Control, Interact – all in one system

PIXILAB develops software products and solutions for media-rich experiences in public spaces, corporate showrooms, museums, exhibitions and other arenas where people get together.

PIXILAB was founded on decades of experience building large-scale presentation, production and media control systems for the audiovisual industry. Just as electro-mechanical devices, such as slide projectors and tape recorders, once made way for PC-class computer- and software-based presentations, we're now in the midst of yet another transition. This time from large and expensive computers to small "thin client" players, tablets and smart phones. All this based on established server, web, networking and mobile standards. This new generation of presentation technology excels at interactivity, 3D content and synchronization of audio and video across all devices. It also fits nicely with web-based production and programming tools for team-friendly, multi-user workflows. Drawing on our control system roots, we of course made sure sensors, lighting and other IoT stuff would feel right at home too!

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