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Lingio AB - Stockholm
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Om Lingio AB

Typ av företag Start-up Produktbolag
Antal anställda 10-19 anställda
Bransch AI & Machine learning Edtech

We lift employees with inspiring learning solutions created to achieve real results

Lingio is a B2B EdTech company focusing on large enterprises with a diverse workforce where language barriers is stopping people from reaching their full professional potential. We have language courses, HR-courses with language support etc, to make learning accessible for everyone in the organization.

We create our content in-house and have a unique mix of employees within our three competences where Tech, Content and Sales are equally important.

The courses are delivered through a mobile first web app communicating with a microservice backend. We have a market leading completion rate thanks to our refined app and many thought-out solutions such as our digital coach. Our pronounce feature is best in class and we are currently running several projects with Swedish Universities with NLP and AI-reseach to further improve that and other areas.

Tech stack

  • Go

  • Google Cloud Platform

  • JavaScript

  • Microservices

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