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Mentimeter - Stockholm
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Mentimeter's vision is to transform presentations and meetings into fun and interactive experiences by making it easy to listen and to be heard. We believe in giving everyone a voice, in every meeting and presentation. We are building a modern, friendly, and diverse product-first tech company based in Stockholm and we would love for you to join us!

As a Frontend Engineer at Mentimeter you will be an integral part of a cross-function team implementing designs and user experiences that will affect millions of people all over the world. You should be curious about how to build fast, intuitive and well performing user interfaces with modern technologies in a team together with designers and developers.

As a senior engineer, we believe one of your priorities will be to enable your junior/mid level colleagues to grow. With your experience, you will bring a long-term perspective to building software and while implementing new features you will keep in mind the long-term stability of our system and the quality of the code. You understand, and can advocate for, the need to choose the right tool for the job in question rather than pushing for one size fits all.

You will try to strike a good balance between discovery and implementation work, between new customer facing features and managing tech debt and technical initiatives.

We are in an exciting phase where the platform must evolve in order to ensure continued scalability of the product and an edge compared to our competitors. We are, for example, currently rolling out our own design system to all of our products, growing our test suite and maintaining our shared code in a monolithic repository.

Since Employee Experience (also known as Developer Experience) is very important to us, we hope that you will raise your voice by influencing which tools, programming languages, and technologies you work with while helping us ensure we have a smooth software pipeline for continuous and fast delivery.

What you'll do:

> Implement and maintain features in our presentation and voting platforms.
> Pay attention to detail to ensure quality of code.
> Write automated unit and browser tests.
> Work together with other developers and designers.
> Research, design and implement new user friendly features together with taking important architectural decisions that ensure performance and scalability of our platform and development environment.
Work together with the team's Product Manager to organize and plan the backlog with a Kanban/Scrum-mixed process.
> Spend time on things like coaching, leading/facilitating code reviews and pair/mob programming sessions, onboarding new engineers and holding/facilitating workshops/sessions around areas such as code quality, refactoring, performance, testability and working with tests and service-oriented architecture.

Om Mentimeter

Typ av företag Start-up Produktbolag
Antal anställda 100-499 anställda
Bransch Internet of Things Media & Underhållning Webb

We at Mentimeter believe in giving everyone a voice - regardless of who you are. So we built a platform that does just that!

Mentimeter is one of the fastest-growing startups in Sweden. Our vision is to transform presentations and meetings into fun and interactive experiences by making it easy to listen and to be heard. We are building a modern and diverse fast-growing profitable product-first tech company and are based in Stockholm.

We serve 200 million users with 15 services that we deploy roughly 40 times a week. Some days we are receiving more than 150 votes per second which means we have some interesting challenges making sure we can scale to our ever-growing customer base while still delivering a fast and smooth experience.

We work in small, independent, cross-functional, and self-organizing teams. The team’s product manager and the team work together to organize and plan the team’s backlog using a Kanban/Scrum-mixed process, with a focus on continuously delivering value to our users.

Our core principles and basis for our culture:
> Inclusiveness - transparency, equality, and diversity
> Work smart - good enough, but know when to excel
> Professionalism - "the consultant mindset"
> Be humble to other people’s work
> Have fun

Tech stack

  • AWS

  • Circleci

  • Gatsby

  • Github

  • Heroku

  • Lambda

  • Node.js

  • PostgreSQL

  • React.js

  • Redis

  • Redux

  • Ruby

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