Senior Security Engineer

Bokio AB - Göteborg
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What you will do at Bokio

Simply put, you will take the lead in shaping up and establishing a security culture at Bokio by making sure that services we provide to our customers are secure at every step of the life cycle, from commit to production.

As we are adding financial services to our portfolio, you will initially have a strong focus on cloud security and securing our cloud infrastructure, but we also expect you to take a broad view on the overall security situation at Bokio.

You will provide engineering teams with means to identify and quantify security flaws early in the product development process by providing tools that support engineering teams in writing secure code, and training in secure development practices.

Who you are

We expect that you are as passionate about security as you are about learning and sharing your knowledge with others. You can coach and advise developers on how to think about, and implement, security in the code. You are pragmatic, practical and not afraid to roll up your sleeves when needed.

You can see the big picture, and can describe and reason about security in business terms, i.e. explain and sell vision and needs to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

You believe in, and are passionate about, achieving security through automation and by building it into the development process from its earliest phases.

We’d love it if you have:

Multiple years (7+) of experience working with security in software development, preferably in the Fintech sector and with critical SaaS systems.
Experience with software development, DevOps and CI/CD pipelines; preferably in Azure and/or GCP environment.
Experience and skills in using static and dynamic code analyzers.
Familiarity with concepts like Zero Trust Network and BSI.
Basic knowledge of information security architecture, security technologies, audits, network and internet security.

Free automated accounting for everyone

Bokio as a startup

At Bokio we improve the everyday life for business owners by utilizing the power of AI combined with great product design. By making it more affordable, easier and faster to invoice customers, pay salaries and handle accounting we let our customers spend more time on the things that really matters. We are able to do this thanks to our fantastic developers and designers. At Bokio we love difficult challenges, that’s when our skilled team really makes a difference. While we love the technical side our main focus is on how we can help the customer better, even if that sometimes require non-technical solutions. As a startup our whole culture is about daring to test new ways to solve old problems.

Right now Bokio is only available in Sweden where we are growing extremely fast and we get stellar reviews by our customers. The plan is to start expanding to the rest of Europe soon.

Why are we doing this?

We think that small business owners are everyday heroes that deserves all the help they can get. Among us we have created many companies and we know how tough it can be sometimes. Our mission is to finally fix one of the worst parts, the administration, once and for all. We do this because we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the awesome adventure that it is to start your own company without worrying and wasting time or money on the administration.

While our customers improve the world by doing what they know best, we do our best to help them on the way.

Would you love working at Bokio?

If this sounds like you, we think you would love it here:

You are really good at what you are doing and like working with other skilled people from different backgrounds.
You would like to wake up every morning and feel that you make a difference for tens of thousands of business owners.
You have plenty of ideas about how to make things easier and really enjoy experimenting with this.
You take great pride in your work and like seeing the effects of your work. You like to feel a sense of ownership for what you are producing.
You are fantastic!

Tech stack

  • .NET

  • Azure

  • HTML5

  • React Native

  • React.js

  • Redis

  • Sass

  • Typescript

  • Umbraco

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Typ av företag Start-up Produktbolag
Antal anställda 50-99 anställda