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Om rollen

I’ve spent ~3 months figuring out how to build the world’s best webshop for fashion. A site that has potential to be “the next Uber”. I have Stockholm unicorn founders and Silicon Valley investors on the hook, and am currently developing a proof of connect using 3rd party consultants. I’ve quit my +100 ksek/month job giving strategic advise to CEOs of Sweden’s largest companies to do this full-time. But, I need a partner in crime, a technical co-founder, who can take the CTO role mid-long term as the company grows – of course with a significant stake in the company.

About the role: I will not tell you how to build the product. I expect you to tell me how you are going to build it (from scratch), and involve me in the main strategic trade-offs. You would lead a team of developers, and, if everything goes well, grow it into an entire tech department. You would be an obvious member of the top management team, expected to help shape the path forward of the company. I’m hoping that you will have your own ideas about which features to develop and tweak, and be my natural sparring partner also in this regard. You are probably also the type of person who gets really excited about building something big and cool, that is “yours”, in a start-up environment.

About me, and my role: I’ve worked 5 years as a project manager at the strategy consulting company McKinsey & Co. I’ve had the luxury of working with high-performing teams that bill clients 1 msek/week for our work. In this start-up, I will be CEO and co-founder (together with you, should we choose to work together). My role will involve, for instance: Finding investors & securing financing, ideation, product owner, user interviews (I’ve done 100+ so far), marketing, dealing with suppliers & partners (of which there quickly will be thousands, growing exponentially), doing the admin & legal work around running a company, driving recruiting and building the organization and processes (where helpful), doing market & competitive analyses to develop suggested roadmaps and deal with the board (which will likely consist of quite savvy investors with a lot of questions).

Timeline ahead:: A PoC has been designed, and is currently being developed using 3rd party consultants, which I am currently financing myself. I think this should take about a month or so to finalize. I want to use the PoC mainly to help drive up the valuation of the company in the first round of investor financing. After that, I think that there will be ~3-6 months development with smaller groups of test users for feedback, before we “go live” towards larger audiences. But, of course, this very much depends on how quickly the product is developed and what kind of feedback we get from early user testing.

“Compensation”: First of all, a significant stake in the company – beyond an “early employee”. Additionally, I’m thinking something like 35 ksek/month the first 1-3 months until the investment, and maybe 50 ksek/month after that? Up for discussion, depending on your situation and preferences – there will of course be a trade-off between salary and shares. Longer term, if things go well, I expect that we should both be able to take out a higher salary.

About the idea and business case: The world’s best webshop for fashion. I’m happy to share much more details in-person, if we meet. But in short: >100x larger assortment than any other site, 10-15% lower prices, best-in-class UX. Very scalable and asset-light (outside the technology). I did a quick survey on Drottninggatan: out of 74 people, 98% said that they would like to use a site like this (when I described it in more detail). If we can get 1% of online fashion buyers in the US onto our site, we would make >1BSEK revenue. Again, happy to share the details in person ;)

Om Clection

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Bransch AI & Machine learning Analys & Big data E-handel Marknadsföring & PR Webb

Alla världens kläder på ett ställe for fashion. Basically, an aggregator with a webshop interface that contains (almost) all items of clothing available on the internet and compares prices. >100x larger assortment than any other site, guaranteed lowest price (typically lowest supplier has 10-15% lower price than average). We scrape product data from other sites, and get a commission on successful sales via standard affiliate programs.

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