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  • QA/Test (Mer än 3 år erfarenhet)
  • Python (Mer än 2 år erfarenhet)

Om rollen

The work will vary from writing requirements and test specifications, drawing up test plans and reports, coordinating test activities and examining test cases. You may need to troubleshoot both software and hardware to test the full scope of the product, so now and then you may need to connect two devices together IRL to perform testing. The customer environment determines whether it is integration, regression and / or system testing that you will work with. So to summarise you have experience preparing test specifications, plans and conducting software testing and you have strong communication skills to share findings with other testers and developers.

Not a must, but nice anyway:
Experience mentoring others to be testers.
Can organize and lead test workshops.
Any thing we missed but you feel we could need.

Who are you?
Well, who are we to tell you, but the people that work here are like:
Some are coders, some are designers, but we all love what we do. Some are makers that create fun and awesome projects in their spare time and happily discuss and share their ideas with their colleagues, or invite them to help build stuff. Some are parents focusing both on their children and their projects. Some are quite new citizens in Sweden and some moved to Stockholm from all parts of our country. What they have in common is that they love technology and dive deep into customer projects. Some like off-piste skiing, some climb rocks. Others love Netflix and some run in the woods dressed up as a Viking. Some like fishing and some like to knit. Some love board games and some compete professionally in their favourite sport. And we all share a passion for what we do and the quality of what we create.
So if you are passionate like us, you will have a great time with us at Avalon.

Om Avalon Innovation

Typ av företag Konsultbolag
Antal anställda 100-499 anställda
Bransch AI & Machine learning Analys & Big data Edtech Fordon & Transport Hårdvara Industri & Produktion Internet of Things Life science Telecom Webb

The Scandinavian Innovation Company

It is our vision to be the leading Scandinavian innovation company

Since it all began in Karlshamn in 1997, we have had a mission to help companies that own products with specialist competence-based services throughout the entire product and system development chain. Even though our mission remains the same today, much has happened since then, and through an almost endless number of hours of development on numerous projects, we have built up unique insights into innovation and broad knowledge in the field of technological development.

We have more than 250 highly motivated specialists located all over Scandinavia. This makes us big enough to take on the most complex and challenging assignments, while being small enough to keep on being really fast and efficient, which is just right, we think.

Avalon Innovation is part of the CIMON Group, a Nordic group of development and innovation companies that has, over a period of 30 years, been involved in developing companies and technologies that have achieved great success, both in Sweden and internationally.

Humble entrepreneurship

The building blocks for Avalon are the entrepreneurship, energy and curiosity it takes to always want to find new, innovative solutions as well as the courage to dare to challenge and question. This, combined with humility for each other, our customers, the group’s knowledge and experience, has formed the basis of a successful work method that shapes us as a company, a supplier and individuals. It is at this interface between creative questioning, openness and trust that new, groundbreaking innovations are born. For us, this is more than a corporate culture. It’s a part of our DNA.

Scandinavia is our home

Avalon has emerged from Scandinavia, a place renowned in the world for openness, creativity and groundbreaking innovation. This is something we are proud of and embrace in our assignments and in our development to become the Scandinavian innovation company.

Sector-independent excellence

One important element of our business concept is to be the best at what we do. This is why we developed our own model describing how we make use of our specialists’ various competences in order to develop together. It is also why we have decided to be sector-independent, so that we can take the best experiences we have acquired in one industry and use them in another.

Innovative solutions and satisfied customers

Down the years we have had the opportunity to tackle many challenging and difficult assignments, which we have delivered in new and innovative ways. This has meant that we retained the trust of our customers and have been able to do business based on strong, long-term relationships. Our first customer from 1997 remains a regular, close partner of ours to this day. We were delighted to have it confirmed in our 2018 customer survey that over 98% of our customers were very satisfied with Avalon as a development partner, something we’re incredibly proud of.

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